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KazEcoSolutions LLP has received a decision on granting a patent for the invention of agro-microbiological cleaning technology for oil-contaminated soils with the using of “Myco-Oil” bio product.

In the last few years KazEcoSolutions LLP achieved new results in scientific developments. The result was the received decision on granting a patent for the invention of agro-microbiological cleaning technology for oil contaminated soils and oily grounds with the help of the biological preparation “Myco-Oil". This technology implies introduction of active strains of oil hydrocarbon destructors adapted to severe conditions into the places of historical pollution and implementation of the biological remediation process in combination with agro-technical measures. The novelty of the method lies in a fundamentally new approach to the decontaminated soil: the introduction of a biological preparation is preceded by painstaking and responsible work to prepare the soil for the bioremediation process, which ensures the subsequent successful treatment. At this stage, an aboriginal microflora is already activated, which begins the process of primary oil contamination destruction. Further, the soil is repeatedly subjected to various types of machining, with agro-meliorative techniques being selected individually, to each type of soil, pollution depth and profile. After the primary machining, the soil is saturated with moisture. Then it is structured by agro-meliorants to preserve the soil frame and to provide easy access to organic, mineral fertilizers, moisture and strains of microorganisms. Fertilizers are applied in strictly calculated dosages, taking into account a lot of primary data (concentration of pollutants, soil type, density, pH, humidity, thickness of humus horizon in its presence, soil grading, etc.). Only after these activities have been carried out successfully, the decontaminated soil is prepared for further treatment, the biomass of the “Myco-Oil” preparation is introduced in the form of an aqueous solution in exactly calculated concentrations. Throughout the entire process of agro-microbiological treatment, analytical control of quantitative (and sometimes qualitative) indices of petroleum hydrocarbons is conducted. In the course of extensive experience of using this patented technology with the application of the innovative microbial preparation "Myco-Oil” an average efficiency of 93-97% of soil decontamination from petroleum hydrocarbons has been deduced, even in conditions of heavy and viscous oil mixtures in Western Kazakhstan.

Publication of the patent in the official bulletin "Industrial Property" of the Republican State Enterprise "National Institute of Intellectual Property" of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan is expected on May 30, 2017.