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Hydro cleaning

The plant of series – UOG-15T3 of Russian production is being used as the supplementary method on cleaning of oil contaminated soils and oil sludge, in the case of high content of oil hydrocarbons in oil contaminated soil (over 60%). This plant allows with high degree of effectiveness to separate wastes in components and receive in output purified ground, clear water and heavy oil hydrocarbons of commercial quality. Due  to patented technology of the jet device of variable geometry, the plant UOG-15T3 provides a unique technology of washing of the grounds with water for unreachable for other technologies indexes in 400-500 ppm (0,04-0,05%) of residual oil. Provided that, the plant separates washed ground, unloading it to the vehicle or the containers of solid municipal wastes and conducts rough separation of colloid water and oil phase.

The principal scheme of the plant of series UOG 

In the stage of preliminary preparation, the purifying material is being loaded into the stone separator (1), where sorting and removal of inclusions of size more 100 mm. occur.  Then, the purifying material is being sent to the mixture (2), where mixing with thermally enriched water and crush of large inclusions occur. After that, the purifying material enters into the sieve (3), where separation of stones with size more than 5 mm. occurs. All sorted material after sieves (large stones, wood, industrial waste) is being collected into the bunker (4). Under sieve (3), the pallet-filler is located (5), where diluted mass free from stones is being collected. Further, diluted mass is being fed to the bunker through the screw pump (6) for (7) temporary storage and directly for cleaning into the bunker (18). In the stage of cleaning, simultaneously with supply of the purifying mass to the bunker, heated water from multifunctional capacity (16) by the mean of centrifugal pump (15) is being fed to ejector - hydraulic jet mixer (14), mixing diluted the mass being fed from the bunker  (18) with hot water in the turbulent mode. In this stage, the process of washing of particles of grounds from oil and oil products occurs. Further, the process of separation of liquid and solid phase occurs: from the ejector - hydraulic jet mixer (14) the purified mass is being fed by the mean of sand pump (11) to hydraulic cyclone - sand separator (9), after the purified mass is being fed by the mean of sand pump (10) to hydraulic cyclone - desilter (8). Then, purified solid phase is being directed to unloading on the chuting system.

At repeated cycle of cleaning, the solid phase is being supplied to the bunker through shoots (13) for repeated cleaning. In the stage of separation of liquid phase, the separated liquid phase mixed with oil products enters to the multifunctional capacity (16), where separation of water from oil products occurs.  Then, water is being returned into cycle of cleaning, and the oil products are being unloaded. At that, oil and oil products do not loss available consumer appeal.

Thus, we have the complex from two different technologies based on biological and physical-chemical methods which complement each other and provide requiring effectiveness for reaching of values of maximum permissible concentration in the ground purified from oil products.