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Processing of oily wastes

"KazEcoSolutions" LLP occupies with processing and utilization of oily wastes such as: oil contaminated grounds and oil sludge more than 5 years.

Every type of wastes needs a special approach which the specialists of the company perfected during years of the effective work.

The technologies of dehydrating TencateGeotube are being used also to oily wastes in those cases when it is technically possibly and economically reasonably. In the case, if the wastes are unessential water-flooded, they are being processed without delay.

Processing of oil contaminated grounds comes to cleaning or biological remediation, if a case concern of spillages of hydrocarbon crude, including historical. Cleaning of grounds (as well as oil sludge) is being conducted by hydromechanical washing under higher pressure in the newest plant of Russian production UOG-15 Т3. An exclusive peculiarity of this unit is the jet device with variable geometry which allows quickly and effectively to wash by contaminated oil the ground with effectiveness up to 100 mg/kg at original values in hundred grams of oil products per 1 kg.