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Processing of drill cuttings

“"KazEcoSolutions" LLP has a complete range of solutions on safe, effective and economical processing and utilization of drill cuttings. The company is only in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan which uses in its activity the modern technologies on dehydrating of wastes in the geotextile containers TencateGeoTube.

After dehydrating and primary preparation, drill cuttings are being subjected to the process of reprocessing, as the result of which cheap, comfortable in use and safe construction material comes in the output.  At the present time, nomenclature of the materials being producing from dill cuttings are limited by two names:

the binder mixtures

The binder mixtures being using mostly for construction of foundations and additional layers of foundations of the highways with capital, light and transit types of the road-mat, as well as in various housekeeping needs of the customer: reclaimed actions, liquidation of the open pits, sor lows, formation of the accidented relief of the locality etc.  

The binder mixtures are being produced in the plant UPSV-300 with power up to15 m³/h.   


Since 2009 "KazEcoSolutions", LLP has processed, in total, more than 30 000 tons of drill cuttings.



The small size construction wares are the splitter blocks being produced in the mould equipment and excellently proved itself at erection of the enclosure structures, as well as temporary sheds.