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Organo-mineral soil

The product of biological remediation is organo-mineral soil (ST 91395-1910-ТОО-03-2015). It is the final product of cleaning of the oil contaminated soils and processing of oily wastes by the method of biological remediation with use of the bioproduct and complex of the land capability actions.

Possible use:

  • use in reclamation of anthropogenically disturbed soils;
  • landscape gardening of the fields and the rotational camps,        
  • use as lawn soil, arrangement of landscapes, introduction under the green planting;
  • arrangement of the sanitary protection zones of the enterprises;
  • arrangement of foundations and additional foundations of the highways with all types of road mat;
  • backfilling of the open pits of common commercial minerals, route reserves, sor lows.
  • formation of the locality relief.


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