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(On 14th August 2015) the Committee of industrial development and industrial safety of the Ministry of investment and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan has issued an official permission for use of a mobile complex on cleaning of the reservoirs from MegaMacs bottom sediments (MegaMacs), production of KTM by International USA in the hazardous industrial facilities.

MegaMacs is the ultramodern complex on high effective robotizing cleaning of the tanks of oil and oil products. Thanks to absence of an access of the operators inside the reservoir, the complex provides a high level of safety for health and life of staff. All operations are being accomplished on safety range up to 150 meters. Moreover, safety of the operation of the complex Megamacs is being assured by absence of the electrical loops (all equipment is hydraulically actuated). There are no any electrical motor on MegaMacs. The complex is located behind the bunded area at a distance up to 150 m. from the reservoir. All moving elements have the protective casings painted in accordance with the standards.  

Producing by the company «KMT International, Inc. », USA, the MegaMACS  complex is being proposed for mechanized cleaning of oil reservoirs of tanks of oils in the volume from 100 to 240000 m³ of the bottom oil sludge sediments, as well as the sludge tanks. MegaMACS is a high effective mobile complex of cleaning of the reservoirs and the sludge tanks with simultaneous utilization of oil and oil products from extractable and processing oil sludge. MegaMACS is intended to fluidization, exctract, preliminary and complete phase separation of the bottom sediments at cleaning from it any tanks of oil and oil products. The complex includes all technological blocks necessary for accomplishment of this task and is also able to provide energy for supplementary different equipment being used in the clearing works.

Except cleaning of the reservoirs-tanks of oil and oil products, another capacitive technological equipment, as well as the oil sludge tanks, the MegaMACS complex  can be successfully used for cleaning of the tank of the fuel oil barges and the tanker, for washing of the railway tanks, for cleaning of the industrial drain systems from oil sludge sediments, for defrosting of the viscous residues (oil residue tar mixtures) in the cisterns and capacities etc. 

Uniqueness of the complex concludes in its mobility, energy independence, technological flexibility, as well as in high effectiveness and productivity of the equipment being included in its structure. Two-four trained operators of the proposing complex cope with the work of large teams, from time to time to fifty and more people at manual cleaning of the reservoir. Presence of a man in the hazardous conditions is minimal, and in the most cases is excluded.

The complex is maximally automated, simple in servicing and does not depend on external energy sources, as does not require electrical energy and steam. The complex accomplishes not only high qualitative cleaning of the facilities but and also provides extract of the useful products from the bottom sediments.