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"KazEcoSolutions" LLP was founded in 2008 in Almaty city by the professional ecologists having the work experience in the leading oil and gas companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In June 2009, the company has received from the branch office of the British Company North Caspian Petroleum Company accomplishing exploration of hydrocarbon crude in Ala-Kol basin of Almaty region for processing of all drill cuttings at construction of the exploration wells. Taking into account closeness of the specially protected areas and enhance ecological sensitivity of the region, the exclusively high requirements were presented to the contractor organizations.

"KazEcoSolutions", LLP has rendered the services on processing of drill cuttings for this client in Almaty and the East Kazakhstan regions within three years.  The method of dehydrating of the large volumes of wastes by the mean of technology GeoTube with further use of technology of solidification with receiving of the final production in the form of splitter blocks has been tested here, at the first time in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

In July 2013 geography of presence is being expanded to Dzhambul region, where the company renders the services on collection and processing of drill cutting in the contractual area of “Amangeldy Gas”, LLP.  Except production activity, "KazEcoSolutions" LLP renders the consulting services in the field of management of waste and environment protection, as well as participates as the representative in numerous courts on ecological disputes. In these years, the company establishes the partner relations with В Deloitte&Touche and the legal company “Dechert”.

At the beginning of 2012, the work on development of the own technology of use the microbial bioproduct for biological remediation of chronically oil contaminated soils has been speeded up.  Pilot testing of the own bioproduct “Mico-Oil” have been successfully conducted based on the developed technology in the summer 2013. Tests have been conducted in the territory of the oil and gas production department-2 of “OzenMunaiGas, JSC АО in the locations of non-authorized collection and accumulation of oil sludge and oil contaminated soils.

High effectiveness of the bioproduct and the technology of bioremediation in utilization of oil sludge and very oil contaminated soils have been demonstrated during conducted tests. According to the results of laboratory analyses, effectiveness of cleaning has reached 93% at 30-days exposition.

In 2014, "KazEcoSolutions", LLP has won a tender for cleaning of 20 000 tons of oil contaminated soil and oil sludge accumulated in the sludge tanks of “EmbaMunaiGas”, JSC. In spite of unfavourable meteorological conditions and very limited time for land capability processing of soil, according to the results of conducted bioremediation, the concentration of oil hydrocarbons has been successfully reduced from the values more than 100 000 mg./kg. to less than 1 000 mg./kg.

Simultaneously with accomplishment of the works on processing of wastes and bioremediation of oil contaminated soils, the company has been actively involved in the activity on ecological designing and norm setting for the enterprises of I category. Thus, in these years the works were conducted on development of the project of the waste disposal standards for reflection marker, reclamation of ТК for Buzachi, reclamation for КОА, reclamation for EМG and the range of other major and smaller projects.