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Bioremediation of oil-contaminated lands

In the range of using technologies of "KazEcoSolutions" LLP, biological remediation of oil contaminated soils holds a special place. Making a priority to cleaning and remediation of original properties of soil directly in its locations, the specialists of the company occupied with studies of microbiological remediation within 5 years.

The results of these studies became the bioproduct “Mico-Oil” developed collectively with biotechnologists of KAZNU after Al-Farabi name and fully adapted to edaphic-climatic, meteorological, agrotechnical peculiarities of Atyrau, Mangistau and Kzyl-Orda regions. The pilot tests conducted in 2013 in the field “Uzen” showed exclusive effectiveness of the bioproduct on cleaning of historical contaminations by heavy oil. The bioproduct demonstrated effectiveness in 93% and reduction of oil hydrocarbons more than in 15 times of primary content within 30 days.  


The bioproduct “Miko-Oil” consists of the native strains decomposers of oil hydrocarbons extracted from soils of the West Kazakhstan. The strains of bacteria of this bioproduct are highly adapted to extreme conditions of sharp continental climate, able to keep activity at amplitude of temperatures up to 50°С, low level of soil water capacity and increasing of salinity of soils.

The bioproduct represents a slurry or ready to use concentrated cell solution consisting of association of the hydrocarbon oxidizing nonpathogenic bacterial and yeast strains: Bacillussubtilis 109KS, Pseudomonasaeruginosa 122АС, Rhodococcuserythropolis 119GM, Rhodococcusgloberulus 51KS, Trichosporonjirovecii В2, Trichosporonoidessp. В1, Trichosporoncutaneum Р20СО2, Aureobasidiumpullulans P7. The cells of the microorganisms are immobilized on the inert support (filler) is bentonite clay serving as the protective mean from external environmental factors, as well as soil ameliorant.