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The biological product "Miko-Oil"

The bioproduct “Myco-Oil” (ST 5154-1910-01-ТОО-01-2014) consists of the native strains decomposers of oil hydrocarbons extracted from the soils of the West Kazakhstan. The strains of bacteria of this bioproduct is highly adaptive to extreme conditions of sharp-continental climate, able to keep activity at amplitude of temperatures up to 50°С, low level of soil water capacity and salinity of soils more than  4%. In laboratory conditions, the bioproduct demonstrated high specificity to the components of buzachinskaya oil in contaminated soil. Earlier, the analogical results (more than 93% of effectiveness at expositions in 30 days) were demonstrated for heavy conditions of uzenskaya oil. 

This bioproduct is developed based on of the native strains oil oxidizing microorganisms and able to destroy up to 98% oil hydrocarbons containing in soil at acute toxic contamination within three-four months. The microorganisms forming part of the bioproduct are adapted to natural-climatic conditions of Kazakhstan to environment with high salinity (more than 4%) and different acidity (рН 4-10), safe for soil

microbiocenosis, as they are extracted from oil contaminated soils of the researching region in Kazakhstan.

The bioproduct represents a slurry or ready to use concentrated cell solution consisting of association of the hydrocarbon oxidizing nonpathogenic bacterial and yeast strains. The bioproduct consists of the natural microorganisms extracted from chronically oil contaminated soils of Atyrau, Mangistau and Kyzyl-Orda regions and selected on criteria of effectiveness of uptake of the complicated hydrocarbon compounds. It consists of composition of 8 strains of the cultures of hydrocarbon oxidizing microorganisms in the form of concentrate with titer 9,1x1012 CFU/g., mineral salts and the carrier of saw dust or bentonite. The product is intended to biological cleaning of the soil covers, waste waters, water bodies and other unaggressive medias from contamination with oil hydrocarbons and oil products.

The positive result of use of the product “Myco Oil” is being confirmed by the conducted tests in the fields of Atyrau and Mangistau regions. The bioremediation works were conducted in the experimental area of the field “Uzen” along with the agronomic actions (tilling, loosening and application of the organo-mineral fertilizers).

After double application of the bioproduct “Myco Oil”, oil destruction in soil amounted to 93% that proves a high effectiveness of the activity hydrocarbon oxidizing microorganisms forming a part of the bioproduct.

About 20 000 tons of oil sludge and oil contaminated soils were cleaned with the product “Myco Oil” in the territory about 4 Ha of the oil and gas production department «DossorMunaiGas», the oil and gas production department «ZhaikMunaiGas », the oil and gas production department «ZhyloiMunaiGas», “EmbaMunaiGas”, JSC. 

The graphics illustrating dynamic of content of oil products in soil at use of the bioproduct "Myco Oil" in the experience area of historical contamination of “OzenMunaiGas”, JSC.  

На биопрепарат получены положительные заключения об отсутствии токсичности и патогенности, а также оформлен сертификат происхождения формы CT-KZ.