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About us

About us

"KazEcoSolutions", LLP was founded in 2008 in Almaty city for the purpose of rendering of the comprehensive services in the field of management and processing of wastes. The main field of the activity of the company is utilization of industrial wastes (drill cuttings, waste drilling mud, drill waste water, oil sludge, oil contaminated ground etc.), as well as bioremediation of chronically oil contaminated soils and historical contaminations. The own patented unique “Mico-Oil”  bioproduct was created on the basis of active bacterial and yeast strains decomposers of oil hydrocarbons is being successfully used for these purpose.

Moreover, the company is specialized on rendering of the services in the field of ecological designing and norm(standard) settings (development of the draft waste generation standards and waste disposal limits and specifications of wastes, environment impact assessment, maximum permissible emissions, maximum permissible discharge, programs of industrial ecological control etc.), as well as ecological consulting.

The perspective field of the activity of the company is robotizing cleaning of the reservoirs from the bottom sediments without an access of the operators inside with further processing of the extracted sediments.

A differential peculiarity of "KazEcoSolutions", LLP is to accomplish the work of a total cycle from designing of technological process of processing of industrial wastes untill complete utilization with receiving of ecologically safe final production of high quality. 

The company has a complete package of licenses and permission documents for accomplishment of the operational activity.

At the present time, the company has a wide experience with a range of the natural resource users in the oil and gas sector and uses the foremost technologies of utilization of industrial wastes directly in situ of its formation, excluding expensive transportation and storage in the landfills.

Availability of qualified staff, wide professional experience, practical communications with international scientific-research and manufacturing institutions provide an opportunity of accomplishment of the works with high quality and taking into account of all wishes of the customer.

During the year of the effective work, the services were rendered for such companies as: The North Caspian Petroleum Company, LLP, Kazakhstan-China Pipeline, LLP, Akimat of Almaty region, Amangeldy Gas, LLP, OzenMunaiGas, JSC, “Kazakh Oil Aktobe, LLP, EmbaMunaiGas, JSC, Buzachi Operating Limited, Ltd "Deloitte TSF", LLP, "Dechert" LLP etc.

Aspiring to accomplish the work on the highest level, "KazEcoSolutions LLP" exerts best efforts for satisfaction of the requirements of the Customer. The result of such approach is mutually profitable experience of cooperation and positive recommendations from the Client.